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Thursday, February 11, 2010



What Sets KO Two's Wedding Packages Apart From The Rest?
Here are FIVE things that make KO Two the right choice for your wedding day...

1. KO Two makes it easy for you by offering two packages to choose from below that will fit all your wedding day needs no matter what the size or details of your day!

2. Ko Two gives you peace of mind with packages that are not limited by the hour, but that go by ...'event' so you can rest assured that each photo component of your day will be covered!

3. Ko Two gives you what you deserve as each package comes with a FULL resolution, non-marked, DVD of ALL your retouched photos (600+)!

4. KO Two believes that the photos are your property so there is no limit to the amount of photos, or the quality of the photos and there is no extra charge for your DVD of digital proofs!

5. KO Two gives you options! KO Two offers many customizable products and 'extra' features so you can make your wedding photography package as unique as your wedding day!

Click HERE to view KO Two's Wedding Pakages :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Studio Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of working with a great couple recently and they were kind enough to put up with me getting used to my new studio lighting!

This was my first 'Studio Photo shoot' with my new lights, and my first 'Indoor' engagement session!

The photos turned out great and will look really nice at the couple's June wedding (as apposed to having winter/gloomy engagement photos at a summer wedding).

Because the background is plain and neutral, it puts all of the focus on the couple, and it makes it so that these photos will not only look better at a summer wedding, but they are also now very usable for many things: News paper announcement, engagement announcement, stag and doe invitations, engagement shower invitations, wedding invitations, the slide show at the wedding, the guest signing frame at the wedding etc.

Thanks for being patient while I figured out the new lighting - I think it was a big success! :D

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