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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newest Etsy Item |

My newest Etsy shop offering if a newspaper style save the date.

These save the dates are not only adorable and vintage looking but are also great save the dates because your guests will get more information than just the typical 'date' and "formal invitation to follow" message.
With these save the dates your guests get a story outlining the places and locations of your wedding day, how you got engaged, some information about the style and theme of your wedding and even a quote from your as a couple describing what you are most looking forward to about your big day.
Make your save the dates more fun, exciting and personal!

I recently had a request to include the new york sky line on a couple's save the date as well as a map of the park where they will be getting married!

Contact me with your unique ideas for your save the date by visitng my Etsy Shop.
Simply Click HERE to vist the Save the Date Newspaper listing to get started.

Fall Family Photos |

Fall is such a great time of year for photos, especially family photos!

Children can play in the leaves, pose near pumkins and wear cute warm sweaters.

Here are a few slide shows from this fall's family photo sessions!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KO Two Christmas Cards |

Custom 5x7 Photo Christmas Cards. Click on the image to see the details full size at

Monday, October 25, 2010

Save The Dates - Newspaper Style

A New KO Two Etsy Item! Save the Dates Newspaper Style!

Click HERE to check out the listing or to order your customized Newspaper style Wedding Save The Dates! OR ask about turning them into your wedding invitations!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Etsy Item |

Check out my new Etsy Item HERE - Personalized Wedding Logos using the Bride and Grooms Silhouettes!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Wedding Photo Product |

Looking for a favour for your wedding? Why not add these Wedding Favour Photo Note Pads to your photography package?

Your favourite engagement photos will be featured on the note pad. You can also customize the message and colours to suit the theme of your big day!

Click HERE to view the details of this item, simply scroll down to the 'Additional Products' section.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Management Services |

Do you have hundreds if not thousands of photos stored on your computer from over the years and NO TIME to do anything with them?

Not to fear for photo management services are here!

You simply burn a disc, or two or three (whatever it takes) to fit all of the photos that you wish me to work on, and then you deliver or mail the disc(s) to me.

Then you choose one of the following package options:

Option # 1: The Story of your Child - $275

This Package Includes:

- A 30-40 page hard cover 8x10 story book displaying photos of your child in chronological order

(You can choose the age range and/or certain events you would like the book to include)

- Editing Services - All photos included in the book will be edited to ensure that they are at their best levels of clarity, colour and lighting.

- A DVD slide show (3-5mins) of some of the best photos of your child that you can watch on your computer or TV.

- Choose to add on an additional story book to give as a gift for only $130

- Choose to add on an additional DVD to give as a gift for $45

Have more than one child? If So enjoy a price reduction for every additional book / slide show you order.

For every additional child this package only costs $195.

Option # 2: The Story of Your Family - $275
This Package Includes:

- A 30-40 page hard cover 8x10 story book displaying photos of your family

(You choose the certain events / vacations / time period(s) that you wish the book to feature)

- Editing Services - All photos included in the book will be edited to ensure that they are at their best levels of clarity, colour and lighting.

- A DVD slide show (3-5mins) of some of the best photos of your family to watch on your computer of DVD.

- Choose to add on an additional story book to give as a gift for only $130
- Choose to add on an additional DVD to give as a gift for $45

Option # 3: Traditional Style Album - $200

This package includes:

- A 4x6 traditional style album filled with 200 photos from your disc(s). (You specify the particular events / child / time range you wish me to make prints of).

- All photos printed in this album will be retouched for clarity, colour and lighting.

These packages also make great Christmas gifts!
You can now give the gift of PEACE OF MIND by ordering a package and having your special moments printed and produced in a lovely way for that special someone on your Christmas list!
The books and products will arrive in time to give as a Christmas gift to your loved ones!
Email me at with any inquires about the packages or to place your order today!

Retro Camera |

Found this neat camera on You Tube!

I wish I could get one for that price now!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Baby Props |

I just ordered some new cute and snugly baby props!

Book your session today so that your Wee One can models these adorable new props!

Monkey Hat (6-12 months):

Diaper Cover to Go with the Monkey Hat:
Teddy Bear Hat, Mitts and Booties (Newborn)!

Diaper Cover to go with Teddy Bear Hat:
Baby Cocoon and Hat (Newborn):

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm on Etsy|

Check out my Etsy Store to view my custom wedding product creations!
A great addition to your photography package with KO Two!

Monday, June 7, 2010

When you Choose KO TWO....

Watch this...

Create your own video slideshow at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring Is In The Air...

Some fun photos from a few weddings this spring...

The Lucky Man - The Groom


One of my favourite parts of any wedding day is the morning of. This is partially becase I feel like I have the special opportunity to see both the bride and the groom before the formalities of the day begin. I get to witness the many emotions that each of them go through the morning of their big day.

I LOVE it when the groom asks me how the Bride is doing!
I get the special priviledge of reassuring him that the Bride is doing well and looking fabulous!

I just recently started doing this photo / pose with Grooms and so far they have all thought it was a really cool idea!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That's Retro


Here are some of the photos that Jenn of Stark Photography took of me! To see more click on the image to visit her website!

She did a fabulous job!

Here are a couple of photos that I took of her! We both decided to do a vintage style of editing and I think it came out really nice!

I am going to begin offering 'editing packages' for weddings and engagement sessions so that couples who really love a certain style of editing can purchase an editing package in order to get the customized look they love for their wedding or engagement photos!!

Email me to ask about adding a vintage style editing package to your photo shoot!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photos of You taking Photos of Me...

Yesterday I took photos of a photographer friend of mine, Jenn Stark of Stark Photography. In turn she took photos of me. It was a lot of fun, but it definitely made for a difficult choice of what to wear that morning. Typically, when taking photos, my hair is tied back, I am in FLAT shoes, and I wear pants and a high collared top which are usually black or some other neutral tone. But for this shoot I wore almost the complete opposite: A floral skirt, a Kelly green silk top, a pearl bracelet and earings and green HIGH HEEL shoes. Lets just say that getting the 'right angle' wasn't the same in this outfit.
The photo shoot was not only a lot of fun but a great time of learning as well!
It is great to be on the other side of the camera for a change as it serves as a reminder of what my clients feel like when I am taking photos of them.
It also great working with another photographer and being able to compare photos and ideas. It got me out of my little box that I had begun working in and thinking about things in new ways.
Thanks for the great photo shoot Jenn and ALL your ideas both for photos and on the business side of things!
Here are some photos from the shoot... more to come of both Jenn and me! :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wee Ones Promo Clip


Create your own video slideshow at

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KO Two Weddings...

Some faves from the 2009 wedding season!

(Be sure to turn off the music at the bottom of the page before viewing)

Create your own video slideshow at

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Beautiful Belly Belle Session

A beautiful couple overjoyed as they wait for the arrival of their son!

Can't wait to meet him and to take his new born photos! :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010



What Sets KO Two's Wedding Packages Apart From The Rest?
Here are FIVE things that make KO Two the right choice for your wedding day...

1. KO Two makes it easy for you by offering two packages to choose from below that will fit all your wedding day needs no matter what the size or details of your day!

2. Ko Two gives you peace of mind with packages that are not limited by the hour, but that go by ...'event' so you can rest assured that each photo component of your day will be covered!

3. Ko Two gives you what you deserve as each package comes with a FULL resolution, non-marked, DVD of ALL your retouched photos (600+)!

4. KO Two believes that the photos are your property so there is no limit to the amount of photos, or the quality of the photos and there is no extra charge for your DVD of digital proofs!

5. KO Two gives you options! KO Two offers many customizable products and 'extra' features so you can make your wedding photography package as unique as your wedding day!

Click HERE to view KO Two's Wedding Pakages :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Studio Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of working with a great couple recently and they were kind enough to put up with me getting used to my new studio lighting!

This was my first 'Studio Photo shoot' with my new lights, and my first 'Indoor' engagement session!

The photos turned out great and will look really nice at the couple's June wedding (as apposed to having winter/gloomy engagement photos at a summer wedding).

Because the background is plain and neutral, it puts all of the focus on the couple, and it makes it so that these photos will not only look better at a summer wedding, but they are also now very usable for many things: News paper announcement, engagement announcement, stag and doe invitations, engagement shower invitations, wedding invitations, the slide show at the wedding, the guest signing frame at the wedding etc.

Thanks for being patient while I figured out the new lighting - I think it was a big success! :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Beautiful Bride!


Capturing the bride's beauty and joy is one of
my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer!

From getting ready until the tossing of the bouquet and
dancing the night away I love to capture
the bride's many reactions from
her laughter to her tears:

The bride's ambience says it all!

Click 'Bride' for more details about my wedding packages and products!


Friday, January 22, 2010

An Artistic You:


Are you an emerging artist? Whether you're in a band, or a solo artist, a singer, musician, fine artist, actor, dancer, author, or model KO Two's 'Artistic You' package covers it all!

This package is great for photos to use for promotional products, for your portfolio, for websites and more!

Feature your artistic talents through a 1 hour on location photoshoot in a place that reflects who you are as an artist!

Included in this package is a full resolution DVD of all retouched proofs as well as a 'Proof book' of 25 of the best shots in 4x6 format, put together in a black hard cover album. These proofs will help you to chose what photos to use, as you will be able to view them in print in advance! This book can also be great for an actor, model, dancer etc. to use as a 'mini portfolio' to bring along to auditions etc.

Ask about custom design of collages, posters, postcards, business cards, logo / tagging of the photos etc. I'm happy to give you a free quote and I am up for any type of promotional product creation and will work with you to get the results you are looking for!

The basic package price that includes 1 DVD, 1 proof book and 1 hour of coverage is:
$120.00 --> & simply add $25.00 for every extra person that will be included in the shoot!

Feel free to email me with any questions, to book your Artistic package, or to inquire about any custom design work!

To view more information and product details click here


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Wee Ones" Baby - Children - Maternity

Have you ever heard a parent say
"I wish we didn't have so many pictures of our children!" ...
Well neither have I!
Children change right before your eyes and that's why portraits taken now will become more precious as the years go by.
So make a small investment now, capturing your Wee One's priceless and expressive personality, and reap the reward of memories for years to come!
Click here to visit the 'Wee Ones'
section of my website to view my portfolio and package details!

Some Adorable "Wee Ones":
To view a still gallery of these images click on the slide show and open the 'gallery view' option and click 'full screen'.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo+s Of The Day: "Dance Like A Child"


Monkey'in Around! & Smash The Cake!


Recently I did a fun photo shoot with two adorable children who wore their monkey suits to the session :D! The outfits were their costumes to wear to a jungled themed 1st Birthday party for the little guy! These photos along with the 'Smash The Cake' photos that were taken as well were displayed at his birthday party!

Birthday photo shoots are great not only because the memory of your child is preserved at that age, but also because the photos can double up in use being used for invitations, thank you cards, guest books, or you could have a slide show / album / display of the photos at the birthday itself for friends and family to see!

Click the link to see the package details for the smash the cake session

Some Super Sweet Smash the Cake Photos:

Friday, January 8, 2010

KO Two Packages:

Want to know if KO Two offers what you are looking for?

Below are my packages! Simply visit my website to view all of the details about each!

Hope you find one that suits your needs! Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or inquires about any of the packages!
(contact info at bottom of page)

Wedding * "Relationships" - Family Portraits

"The Big Day" * Engagement *

"Wee Ones" - Baby, Children, Maternity! * "An Artist You" *

Head shots, Bands, Groups & Editorial *

"Graduate Studies" - Graduation and 'Senior' Portraits *

Photo Restoration * "A Commitment Made" *

"An Intimate Affair" *

"Love Your Dress Sessions" *


Photo Of The Day: "Stillness"


On this quite Friday afternoon, with the snow falling lightly in my backyard I felt a sense of stillness and I remember back to this photo that I had taken several years ago.

It is of a sweet little sparrow puffed up & keeping warm in the snow.

Little birds such as this remind me of the verse in Matthew 10:29-31 commonly reffered to in this way: "His eye is on the sparrow"...

"What is the price of two sparrows—only one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows." NLT

This winter in the stillness of the season take time to remember that you are ever so VALUED by God!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A "Keep It Real" Photo Shoot


On New Years I did a photo shoot with 'Keep It Real' a youth ministry group from Southern Ontario that travels doing a skate show, rapping, grafitti and who sell their own 'Keep It Real' clothing line!

I really enjoying shooting things like skate boarding as it is a challenge for me to catch the skater at just the right moment!

They were such a fun group to work with and being that they are all siblings they were very natural and the photos turned out great depicting (I hope) how they really are as a group!

Here are some photos from the shoot! Fell free to take time to check out their site in the future too to see some more of the photos being used there and to see what they are all about!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engagement Session - Great Location: Wedding Venue!

I LOVE when couples get their engagement photos taken at their wedding location! It adds such an element of excitement to the photo shoot! It is also helpful for me as a photographer to get a good feel for the location and for the spots at the location that the couple would like to take photos in on the day of the wedding as well getting an idea of what poses/style of photography they would like on wedding day. An engagement session is a nice casual setting to talk about all these things with the couple and what better place to talk to them about the photo options/locations than at the venue itself!

In the case of this photo shoot below I was quite familiar with the location already as it's going to be my wedding site, Ball Falls Conservation Area! It is such a great spot and I recommend it as a photo location to any one looking for engagement or even family photos!
This couple was so fun to work with and they were really interest in a more photojournalist style of photography so I focused on trying to catch them when they were emoting their true personalities. I love catching laughs, impromptu hugs or kisses and all round a couple that is not afraid to show their true personality!
Here's What they had to say:
"We had our engagement pictures done at the end of the fall and couldn't be happier with the results. Kendel was super accomodating in scheduling a 'photo-shoot' time and created a blog so that we could preview our pictures. We are 100% satisfied with Kendel's work thus far and trust her 100% in capturing the memories from our upcoming wedding."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Year at a Glance - Rave Reviews of 2009!


A BIG THANK YOU to all of my 2009 clients! The Reviews you have written about my services are so appreciated and valuable! Your comments have really helped in growing my business reputation and client base! And thanks to those who continue to recommend my photography services to their friends and family!
I Couldn't do it without you!

Some Reviews From 2009:

Alison Said:

"My fiance and I had been looking around for a photographer and when he came across Kendel's website and we saw her amazing work and incredible prices we knew we had to work with her! We recently had our engagement shoot with Kendel and were so impressed with her professionalism, friendliness, and creativity. We were also impressed that we didn't have to wait long to see the photos and we absolutely love them. Kendel offers great products that have really helped us out as well. We're really looking forward to working with her again on our wedding day!"

Nicole Said:
"Kendel has done both my engagement and wedding photos and she is absolutely amazing. Coming from someone who hates having her picture taken, she makes you feel so comfortable and gives great direction. All of the photos turned out fantastic, especially my wedding photos. I am very critical of myself in pictures and usually do not like pictures of myself but I loved every single picture! She created a website/blog for us so we could show all of our family and friends and had some of our wedding pictures up for us to look at within a couple of days. My husband and I are currently trying to decide which picture we want to frame as our main wedding picture for our living room and it is very hard to decide because there are so many to choose from! I advise everyone to choose Kendel for whatever photography needs you have! You won't be disappointed!"

Daienne Said:
"Kendel takes great pictures! She is friendly, and can interact nicely with all of your family members to make each of them feel special.
I highly recommend her services!
Thanks Kendel!"

Anna Said:
"Kendel was a great choice for our engagement and wedding photos. She is patient, has a great eye, and was quick at getting our pictures back to us. She was a perfect choice! Thanks a million!"

Lindsay Said:
"My daughter was turning 3, and instead of the usual Wal-Mart-sitting-duck photo, we decided to go for something unique and playful to match my daugher's personality. Along with the toddler photos (P.S. Kendel is fabulous with children), she snapped a few family shots since it's something we've never done before.Kendel gave great direction and had fun, fabulous ideas of her own. It was fast, painless, professional, and the pictures were sensational! She promised to have a CD to us in a couple weeks, and came back with edited photos (which were a surprise bonus and not even part of the contract we agreed on) within a few days! I wish I could go back in time and have Kendel do my wedding photos too!"

Jenn Said:

"Kendel took photos of my husband and I this past weekend - we are coming up on three years of marriage and decided it would be neat to take some pics in the wedding dress again! I am also a professional photographer and I was amazed by Kendel's endless stream of ideas and loved how clearly she was able to communicate those ideas with us. She made us really comfortable and she was so easy to work with. She had the finished product to us fast and the quality of her work was amazing with such a variety of shots and I especially loved the 'candid' ones she caught of us while we weren't even looking! She has a great natural eye and I know that she will be very successful in her photography career!"

To read more client comments click the link to visit the 'Rave Reviews' section of the KO Two website!

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